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Car Scratch Repairs

Apart from the obvious unsightly look of a scratch or stone chip to your vehicles paint work you may also have damaged the weather protection of your vehicle. Without a scratch repair, this in turn will ultimately lead to rust setting in under the paintwork and spreading. It is important to get these scratches repaired and ‘touched in’ to re-create the weather proof seal to the damaged paintwork.

If you are selling your car, scratched paintwork or stone chips also reduce the resale value of your vehicles to a potential buyer. A car needing a scratch repair does not have to be a problem. This can be rectified by a couple of simple affordable scratch removal and machine polishing methods. ‘Touching in’ the paint work will reduce the appearance of the damage as well as protect your car from the elements.

Car Bumper Scuffs

Bumper Scuff Repair Solutions

Our Car Bumper Scuff Repair Service is proving very popular at the moment.  Click HERE for more information.

Machine Polishing

Exposure to direct sunlight overtime is also a well known cause of damage which is known as paint oxidation. Paint Oxidation or a light scratch that has just marked the top coat of paint can be polished out using a cutting compound and a machine polisher.

This scratch repair method is perfect for the light scratches your car can pick up over time through car washes, overhanging bushes and key scratches around door locks. These scratches look bad and can be seen clearly when light reflects off the paint.

A Machine Polish can revive the look of your paintwork and give back it’s shine, restoring the paintwork to it’s original gleaming finish.

Deeper more obvious scratches can also be removed or vastly reduced providing it has not gone through to the metal, in which case a touch in or respray would be required.


We can help you restore your car’s true value! For more information or a FREE quote on all your Waterless Valet, Scratch and Dent Repairs.. 

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